Maura McHale, Kindergarten Teacher Toquam Magnet Elementary School Stamford, CT

Monica has been telling/sharing stories with our kindergartners for years!  Each year I notice the children enjoy them more and more!  With common core and the high demands of teaching, there isn't much free time in our daily schedule.  However, I always made time for Monica's storytelling as I knew that the children would benefit greatly from it.  All of Monica's stories have a deeper meaning behind them and an underlying important message.  Each story Monica would share would leave my students thinking deeper and asking questions that would always turn into a great conversation and inspiration for writing.  Monica's enthusiasm is contagious especially among a room of 4 and 5 year olds!  Monica always had a way of grabbing the attention of 150 children in one room at one time and keeping them entertained, which is not easy!